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Probate for Non US Citizens

If a nonresident alien (NRA) passes away owning property within the United States, in many cases that property will be required to pass through a probate process.  Nonresident estates also have unique tax aspects since there is a very low threshold for filing an estate tax return in these estates. Clark Skatoff PA has the experience necessary to assist with the probate of Florida assets of nonresident aliens.

If a greencard holder passes away as a resident of the United States, that estate will be required to go through the probate process of the state where that person was resident. Additionally, a probate action in the other jurisdictions where the decedent held property may be required.

In addition to assisting with the administration of the estates of nonresident aliens and greencard holders, we can advise such persons on techniques to avoid probate and estate taxation by engaging in lifetime planning.

Estate planning for non United States citizens.  Estate planning for non United States citizens will require coordination of the assets and estate plan of the assets and family in the United States with the assets and family outside the United States.  Proper estate planning can provide for a well coordinated, tax efficient plan, while bad planning can result in the opposite result. 

Tax planning for non United States citizens.  Nonresident aliens have to be particularly concerned about the very low threshold that the United States imposes on assets located within the United States, especially real estate.  In particular , the heirs will have a difficult time selling real estate that is not probated, and the probate process can expose the United States assets to ruinous taxation if not planned properly. 

If you have been named the Personal Representative in a will and the nonresident decedent owned property within the State of Florida, please call Florida Law Firm Clark Skatoff, PA for more information, at 56-842-4868. 


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