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Clark Skatoff  has experience in real estate litigation in the courts of Florida. We have been involved in the following areas of Florida real estate litigation.

Florida Partition.  Under Florida law, a joint owner of real estate can force a judicial partition of the property.  If the property is not capable of being subdivided (which is normally the case with a house, condominium or office building), the court will order a judicial sale of the property. See a recent Florida partition case.

Specific Performance.  Under Florida law, if an owner of real estate and a buyer execute a contract, one remedy might be specific performance, where the party seeking to enforce the contract has the power to ask a Florida Court to require the closing of the property to take place.

Reformation of Deed.  If a deed is recorded in the official record book of Florida that does not comply with requirements for deeds, a party can petition a Florida Court to reform the deed to make it compliant, or to set aside the deed.

Improper Titling of Real Estate.  If a property has been deeded or re-deeded under suspicious circumstances, a party can petition a Florida court to set aside the deed.  For example, an owner of real estate might have created a new deed adding a new friend as a co-owner of the property, as a result of undue influence, or where the owner was suffering from a lack of adequate capacity to execute the deed.

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