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Joint Bank Account Litigation

In some situations, the ownership of joint bank accounts will be in dispute upon the death of one owner.  Under Florida law, there is a presumption that jointly titled accounts become the property of the survivor upon the death of the first owner.  However, this presumption can be disproven upon sufficient evidence to the contrary.  A joint account that is intended to be paid to the survivor is called a survivorship account.  A joint account that is intended to be paid to the estate upon the death of the owner is called a convenience account.

Sometimes the account documents are created or changed as a result of undue influence or in circumstances where the account owner did not have sufficient legal capacity.   Florida law allows for the challenge of the account documents as a result of undue influence or lack of capacity.

In other situations, one owner of joint funds might have improperly transferred funds out of the joint account to another.  In such a case, a lawsuit can be brought for the recovery of the joint funds improperly taken.

More information regarding the titling of bank accounts and real estate can be found here.

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