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Since 1971

Practice Areas

The law firm of Clark Skatoff PA is a boutique Florida law firm in the trusts and estates, probate, tax, estate planning and litigation areas. The firm practices in the following areas:


Clark Skatoff PA handles Florida litigation for estate, trust, inheritance and guardianship matters. The firm practices throughout the State of Florida. We have experienced trial attorneys who handle these estate and inheritance disputes in Florida on a regular basis.

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Clark Skatoff has an extensive Florida probate practice. The firm handles all probate administration matters, from small estates with a single bank account, to complex estates with business interests and assets in multiple jurisdictions. We also handle probate administrations where the probate estate itself is the plaintiff or defendant in a lawsuit.

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Clark Skatoff has extensive experience handling trust matters. The firm drafts trusts for clients, including Revocable Trusts and Irrevocable Trusts. We also serve as attorneys for trustees of trusts and assist with the administration of the trust. In addition, we represent beneficiaries of trusts who believe their rights are not being properly honored. The firm's attorneys also serve as trustees of trusts where appropriate.

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Clark Skatoff handles guardianship matters throughout the State of Florida. We represent guardians in performing their duties as guardians, we represent wards facing an involuntary guardianship, and we represent family members who have interests in guardianships proceedings, whether before or after the guardianship is established.

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Estate Planning

The Florida lawyers of Clark Skatoff PA handle all aspects of estate planning, including drafting wills and trusts, planning to minimize the estate tax, dealing with issues of the Florida Homestead, and trust and estate administration.

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The firm's lawyers have decades of experience in the administration of Florida probate estates, probate litigation, trust litigation, estate planning, and tax. We provide personal and prompt service to our clients.

To discuss your Florida probate, estate planning, litigation or tax matter, please call Jeffrey Skatoff at (561) 842-4868, or toll free at 888-752-8633.