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Forum Non Conveniens in Federal Probate Litigation

The forum non conveniens doctrine allows a court to defer its jurisdiction where principles of justice and convenience favor the action being brought in another forum.  In a recent federal probate dispute involving a billionaire's global assets and the imposition of foreign law, a federal district court dismissed the dispute on forum non conveniens grounds.

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Drafting Attorney's Computer Inspected for Evidence in Will Contest

A Surrogate’s Court in Erie County, New York, ordered the drafting attorney of a will to turn over his computer during discovery in a will contest.

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Do You Have to Probate a Will in Florida

We are often asked whether you have to probate a will in Florida.  The simple answer is that you never have to probate a will. 

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How to Probate a Will in Florida

Probate of a will in Florida has a number of standard steps.  

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Jeffrey Skatoff Prevails in Trial in Trust Accounting Dispute

Trust accounting litigation can be messy and expensive.  In a recent trial, attorney Jeffrey Skatoff prevailed in a trust accounting and probate accounting dispute.

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Another Great Result for Attorneys of Clark Skatoff

The probate attorneys of Clark Skatoff once again achieved an outstanding result for client.  In this case, the decedent, in his 90's, was referred to a caregiver.  Right away, the caregiver and the decedent allegedly began a romantic relationship.

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Florida Conservatorships For Property of Missing Persons and Absentees

In practice, we routinely deal with probates (concerning a decedent’s assets) and guardianships (concerning a ward unable to care for his person and/or property).  A conservatorship is a lesser-known proceeding available to deal with the property of an absentee, or to care for or address judgments concerning an absentee’s family. 

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Stranger Originated Life Insurance Survives Challenge in Florida

Stranger-originated life insurance (STOLI) is a scheme pursuant to which someone purchases life insurance on the life of another for whom the purchaser does not have an insurable interest on the life of the insured. 

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Federal Court Dismisses Trust Dispute With Pending State Court Trust Dispute

Can a litigant file a Federal trust dispute with a pending trust dispute in state court?  A new Federal case, relying on the Princess Lida Doctrine, dismisses most of the Federal case.

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Another Great Review for Clark Skatoff

A client of Clark Skatoff recently shared with us her review of the firm: "Thank you for all you and your staff's hard work in helping me during the most difficult thing I could have ever imagined.

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