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The Jose Fernandez Estate: Questions, Uncertainty

Jose Fernandez, a once promising young starting pitcher for the Miami Marlins, was killed when the boat he was aboard crashed into a jetty off the Miami Beach coast. Authorities and initial reports stated that Fernandez was accompanied by two other individuals (Jesus Macias and Eduardo Rivero) at the time of the crash. 

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Bad Faith Claim against Decedent’s Insurer not Subject to Creditor Claim Period

Can a claim for bad faith be maintained against a decedent’s insurance company, where the claimant failed to file a timely creditor claim against the estate?  A new Florida case says yes, the bad faith claim against the insurance company can be maintained.

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Can You Serve a Lawsuit By Facebook?

In the modern age, where communication can be done by way of text, tweet, email, or swipe, the ancient requirement to hand-serve a summons and complaint on a defendant seems quite anachronistic.  Courts and legislatures have been moving over time to reduce the burden of hand-serving new lawsuits.  In a new and somewhat surprising case, a New York court has allowed service by way of Facebook.

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