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Alternative Dispute Resolution

We understand that most probate and trust disputes are among family members.  If possible and appropriate, we advocate the use of alternative dispute resolution, including arbitration, mediation, and business counseling.  If preserving family harmony is important, we can counsel our clients on dispute resolution techniques so that families can continue to enjoy being a family.  

One of the most challenging types of cases we handle is probate and trust disputes in which the underlying asset is an operating business.  Litigation over inheritance rights could end up destroying the value of the business that the heirs are fighting over. We have experience in resolving inheritance disputes over operating businesses using techniques other than litigation. 

If alternative dispute resolution techniques cannot resolve a problem, Clark Skatoff's team of litigators can aggressively resolve a dispute using conventional litigation techniques.  We have had significant success in Florida probate and trust litigation through the years.

Please call the Law Firm at (561) 842-4868, if you have an inheritance dispute that needs resolution, yet family harmony or businesses success are also important goals.  We understand the sensitivity of such situations.