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Probate Fraud

February 28th, 2013


As probate lawyers, we often hear from prospective clients that they have been victims of probate fraud.  Probate fraud includes the following areas:

A will or trust has been improperly procured by a wrongdoer using undue influence, trickery, or fraud.  In such situations, a will contest might be filed to address the problem. 

A will or trust has been improperly administered as a result of fraud, theft, malfeasance, or negligence.  In such a situation, an action for breach of fiduciary action might be filed.

Prior to death, a wrongdoer improperly used a power of attorney to steal assets of the deceased or committed acts of fraud against the deceased.  An action to redress the improper use of the power of attorney could be filed. 

If you believe that you have been victimized by probate fraud, trust fraud, or breach of fiduciary duty, please contact Jeffrey Skatoff, at (561) 842-4868.