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Contingency Fees

Given the right set of facts, the law firm will consider accepting a case on a contingency basis, which means that our client will owe no legal fees unless the lawsuit is successfully tried or settled.  Over the past years, we have handled a large number of contingency cases, in the areas of will contests, trust disputes, and power of attorney abuse lawsuits.  We also handle estate planning malpractice and probate malpractice cases on a contingency basis.

When the law firm takes a probate lawsuit on a contingency basis, the firm will litigate that case on behalf of our client, with no upfront financial risk or obligation to our client.  For many of our clients, they would prefer that the law firm takes the financial risk of proceeding with the litigation.  In many cases, we are pleased to accept such assignments.

Please contact The Law Firm, at (561) 842-4868 to discuss handling your will contest, trust dispute, or other type of trust, estate, or guardianship dispute on a contingency basis.